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  • To establish, manage and promote subsidized modern educational institution.
  • To provide modern and balanced education with due emphasis to English medium and Quranic teachings.
  • To develop the values and character of young Pakistani students through seminars and religious functions.
  • To hold regular functions and celebrate National events to develop the student’s love for Pakistan.
  • To hold social functions, sports and debate etc. to develop the character personality of students.
  • To establish reading rooms/library, recreational room and science, computer and linguistic labs to support academic education and advance educational environments.
  • To hold Nazra/Hifz-ul-Quran classes and provide Quranic teachings to the students in the mosque (which is part of the campus). Students of class 3 onwards will be expected to say the prayers regularly.
  • To run the Academy on the basis of “No Loss No Profit”, thereby create the opportunities for free education to deserving students.
  • To initiate and support programs for early recognition and development of talent among students. Talented students will be supported in their higher education.
  • To make all-round deliberate efforts in all the aspects of a student’s personality to make the product a more enlightened.


To provide subsidized, modern and balanced education with due emphasis to English medium and Quranic teachings, and produce enlightened, talented Pakistani young students, with strong character and values.

Message of President of Trust

“Knowledge is like sealed treasure houses, the keys of which are inquiry. Inquire, therefore, for therein lies reward for four. The inquirer, the learner, the auditor and their admirer”

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