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  1. Shah Jahangir Academy introduces Hifz-ul-Quran classes from next session.
  2. The children of 5½ to 6½ years of ages, after completing the Montessori will have the option of adopting either the normal academic classes or go for Hifz-ul-Quran.
  3. During Hifz, the students will also be attending academic classes of English, Urdu and Mathematics.
  4. Prior to Hifz is Hifz foundation
  5. Targets set for completion of Hifz
  6. Completion of contemporary education, after completion of Hifz, through rapid catch-up classes
  7. Revision of Hifz for students till Matric / O’ levels.
  8. Qualified, experienced and trained teachers.
  9. Exclusively prepared curriculum and syllabus.
  10. Meetings with parents as required.
  11. Spacious, airy and well equipped classrooms.
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