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We are indebted to our Motherland, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who gave us opening and opportunities to rise and progress in all the fields of life. The generation of 1947 will bear me out that most of the well to do families of today, were poor in 1947. We owe to pay back to the great people of this country. While, I was still in uniform (Army), a feeling of doing something for the less privileged people of Pakistan started haunting my mind. This feeling became more intense after my retirement. My family whole heartedly supported me and a “TRUST” consisting of Armed forced officers of my family was registered.

While we were still attending to its preliminaries, my eldest son Captain Aftab Ahmed Khan embraced Shahadat. This factor further strengthened our determination and we devoted our meager family resources to establish an Academy with the objective of:

a. Providing balanced education with due emphasis on English medium and Religious education.

b. Support talented students in their higher education.

c. Running it on “No Profit No Loss” basis.

Miracles do happen and with the blessings of Al-mighty ALLAH, one of the largest purpose built Academy in a specious area of 4300 square yards came into being in year 2006. It is a unique “New Age” English medium school with modern and Quranic teachings. The Academy is named after a great Islamic Scholar “Hazrat Shah Jahangir (RA), renowned and remembered for his love for Islam and Pakistan.

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